Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jackie Chan and Emil Chau sing together again after 19 Years

The Jackie Chan directed and starred film CZ12 invited Emil Chau Wa Kin to sing the trailer theme song. Their previous collaboration was TRUE HEARTED HERO in 1993. The song was based on Chang Chen-Yueh's song with new lyrics about life philosophy. Jackie Chan went to Taiwan for the recording as well as the music video shoot. During the shoot Chau Wa Kin's "lyric forgetting disease" spread to Jackie Chan, the team prepared cue cards so the shoot went smoothly. Jackie Chan said that when he sang TRUE HEARTED HERO with Chau Wa Kin he was able to step foot into the music scene. This song also became his theme song. He finally understood why Chau Wa Kin did not invite him to collaborate for so many years. Jackie Chan joked, "If I keep singing, he will be unemployed!"

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: hktopten

Fiona Sit wants to be strong like a man

Fiona Sit Hoi Kei yesterday was a promotional guest for a skincare product and attended a ribbon cutting. Fiona said that she is working on Raymond Wong Pak Ming's Lunar New Year film. Yesterday she took a day off to return to Hong Kong and attend the promotion. Fiona said that in the past she worked on THE FORTUNE BUDDIES (GAING CHAU FUK LUK SAU) but it was not a Lunar New Year film. This year was the first time.

Fiona said that her co-stars and the team treated her very well. She said, "While shooting on Qiandao Lake I received Mommy's call. She said that a kitten at home was very sick. I immediately called the director. The director immediately arranged to complete my scenes first so I could rush back to Hong Kong to take the kitten for treatment. I slept with the kitten on the ground one night because the clinic did not have any bed and I couldn't sit on the chair all night." Fiona said that the kitten had heart problem and she would spend more time to take care of it. She said, "I don't know how long it will live, but I will cherish everything around me. I said I won't let myself cry. Sometimes I feel I am getting stronger and stronger. I have to handle a lot of situations, a little like a man." Fiona said that she would properly manage her own emotions and would only let herself cry once over something. As for good friend Denise Ho Wan Si coming out of the closet, Fiona replied, "I am supportive, when you love someone you shouldn't lie. Treating someone with sincerity is very important, in love as well."

Source: Takungpao, Mingpao, Singtao,
Translated by: hktopten

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Seungri experiences dangerous flight?

We moved to Malaysia from Philippines.

There was a heavy rain last day at Philippines.

I think Philippines felt lonely because we had to leave.

But it doesn’t matter! We will meet next time!

Thanks to Philippines! We had fun there! Other members think so too.

But the problem is.. It doesn’t matter how heavy the rain is! But the flight took off on time as usual.

The plane shook heavily. It’s difficult to glide the plane to safe landing because of the strong wind.

In fact, I was in danger because of the plane accident.

For example: I took part in EMA award at UK last year. At the day before I had came back to Korea, a madam who I know her had called me.

M: “Seungri-kun, are you ok?”

SR: “Yes! Long time no see! What’s the matter?”

M: “Your flight is tomorrow right?”

SR: “Yes, it’s tomorrow. And then..?”

M: “Maybe there will be an accident tomorrow. Be careful.”

SR: “Um?? Wait a moment.. What’s going on?”

M: “I have foreseen YB will sit beside you tomorrow. I’m worried and want to you know that. Just like that.”

I can’t believe it.. It’s already three years since the call. I have been noticed about it. So I’m still nervous.

SR: “Sol-san.. May I see your plane ticket?”

That’s true! His seat was beside mine.

The plane made a loud noise when I thought about it!

Everyone was nervous.

Then, there was a notice: “Dear passengers, sorry for the front wheel of the plane had a flat tire.”

I was listening to the notice and didn’t feel afraid. There must have been an accident if the plane took off..

So what about it? But it was so great that everyone is all right!

Then I called the madam.. “the number you are dialing can not be connected”..

The above is Seung-chan’s unbelievable thing.

There will be alive tour in Malaysia tomorrow! I’m looking forward!

Source: @Yuki_xxxGD via bikbaengs@tumblr

Jaejoong wears 'afro hairstyle' for NII photoshoot!

The men of JYJ sport their winter fashion for NII 2012 Winter photoshoot.

Wearing colorful jackets and winter accessories, Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun look gorgeous and cheerful together.

Even Jaejoong tries out an 'afro look' holding a lollipop.
Check the photos and BTS below:

Source: xxskymistxx@YT
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Friday, October 26, 2012

William Chan reveals Patrick Tam's Mob Power Loss

William Chan Wai Ting, Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung and Edward Chui Woai Tung in the Emperor film TRIAD (JAT JIK) played different level Wise Guys. The trio in order to play their roles well did their homework, during the shoot they once were mistaken for real Wise Guys! William revealed in an interview a small secret of Patrick Tam Yiu Man. William said, "When we were on the location shoot we ran into real mob figures who collected protection money. When real and fake Wise Guys were in the same place, the feeling was very hard to describe. Tam Gung (Tam Yiu Man) who was played the boss immediately left his character, but after that he needed some time to be able to get back into the character. Because when it happened the extras who played his subordinates in the film all left, it was very hard to get back into it again."

William gave his all to play the Wise Guy role. On his first day he was beaten until his mouth and face were swollen. William said, "I told my co-stars to fight their hardest, after one punch I was already dizzy. Then they still had to hit for several hours, half my face was swollen!" Because half his face was bruised, the director at first thought was make up and asked William to lighten his make up. William did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Did his girlfriend Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin's heart ache? William sounded like a chauvinist. "What a man does at work is none of the woman's business, no matter who consoles me my work won't be affected."

Aside from a lot of fighting, the film of course has brotherly love. William, Tsang Kwok Cheung and others praised each other for their loyalty. Tsang Kwok Cheung said, "Earlier when I directed LOVER's DISCOURSE (LUEN YU SHUI YU), he worked for 48 hours without sleep and still came over to help me. I haven't heard a single complaint from him, he is very loyal."

Translated by: hktopten

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lee Hyori hits the streets of New York for Vogue Girl

Sexy diva Lee Hyori graces the fashion spread of the November issue of fashion magazine Vogue Girl. For the pictorial, Lee Hyori hit the streets of New York showing off her edgy charm in a fierce photo shoot. Lee Hyori looked sexy and chic wearing clothes that are fierce and also comfortable to the cold autumn/winter weather.

The sexy singer flaunted her well toned abs in one of the photo's and rocks the "bad girl" image very well. She also wore Calvin Klein. Check out the rest of the photos below:

Source: Nate
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just For Fun: Yao Ming VS. Eric Tsang

Yao Ming runs into Eric Tsang Chi Wai at the Mission Hills celebrity pro-am golf event.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: hktopten

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